In this step, we will meet to discuss your project needs and dreams. We’ll walk through your existing spaces, and sit down to review your goals. How much space is needed? What are the possibilities and foreseeable constraints? Is the project feasible? With the help of a local contractor, we may review the scope and request a rough estimate of construction costs before moving forward.

Schemes 1_planText.jpg
Schemes 2_planText.jpg


When you’ve decided to move forward, design can begin. Using existing drawings, if available, and measurements I’ll draw your house as-is and use this base drawing to explore design solutions. Floor plans, elevations and 3D views may be used to visualize the design options. We will meet again, to review design options. Based on your comments from our Schematic Design review, the design you choose will be revised and refined. We will review this developed design for your approval.



In this phase your project will be detailed. Construction documents will be developed to explain the project and show compliance with building codes and zoning ordinances. These documents will be coordinated with the structural drawings. The architectural construction documents may include:  Floor and Roof Plans, Elevations, Schedules, Building and Wall Sections. These documents communicate the design intent to permitting officials and the builder.